The project

Working with a local entrepreneur, the project brief was to create a bar & restaurant which stood out in the increasingly vibrant food scene of Birmingham with a focus on chargrilled, Mediterranean food and signature cocktails. The client’s desire was for a stand out venue which was clearly defined with a social media friendly aesthetic.

The interior

To provide the Instagram-able aesthetic the client desired, large ceiling lighting features were added through the centre of the space with additional lower level feature lighting in other areas. This also allowed the venue to have the split personality of restaurant and late lounge the client desired. The space was given a premium feel through the combination of a muted colour palette and brass details which accented American Walnut and marble bar to create a premium feel. Velvets were added to the upholstery to further add to luxurious feel.

The brand

A celebration of modern Italy, 'Inspired Mediterranean Cuisine' became the central proposition for all things Noel's. The understated 'N' logo manifested throughout the venue with an emphasis on luxury print finishes and understated elegance. From menus to signage and promotional material, sumptuous imagery promoting their grill offer and well stocked bar provides an irresistible combination for people searching for an Italian restaurant with a difference.