Ground Floor – The Bar

The Ground floor opens its doors to all, pooches and little ones are welcome, and you can dine for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner throughout the week. The Bar boasts plenty of seating options whether it’s the quirky cinema style seats, comfortable chesterfield sofas or traditional bar stools. The choice of leathers, hardwood flooring and antique brass finishes contrast the ambient lighting and plant features to create a harmonious balance. The bar centres the space with monochrome tile apron and geometric upholsteries to stools to create a real focal point.

First Floor – The Parlour & The Tellers Room

The First Floor is separated into two contrasting spaces, The Parlour and The Tellers Room, alike the two dining options of ‘from the field’ and ‘from the sea’ which can be ordered from either space.

The Tellers Room interior draws on the connection of the building being a former bank. The Scottish bank note ceiling feature and traditional portraits to the panelled walls tell the story of this history. Green and blue hues add a punch to the space in rich velvets and leather upholsteries. Details to the tabletops and seating of inlay and stud details express an exclusivity and premium feel to this space.

The Parlour indicates a softer and more intimate feel in comparison to The Tellers Room. Pretty in pink the space has touches of mirror and brass creating a warm and welcoming dining experience. Humorous large framed artwork shows McLarens on the Corner’s cheeky side.

The Loft

A private escape from the hustle and bustle of the ground floor bar sits The Loft. Whether its for a function or an after-work drink you can relax by sipping your favourite tipple or try a new concoction from the house cocktail menu. The space speaks a relaxed tone with soft velvet lounge chairs and round booth seats to catch up with friends.

The Loft hosts a unique way of ordering, by telephone down to the bar, which is reflected in the interior with eclectic artwork and patterned fabrics. Timber finishes and planting to the walls add warmth to the space which combining with comfortable furniture makes for a cosy experience.